Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Tribute

I love Thanksgiving. I enjoy visiting with my family, trying new foods, the history of Thanksgiving -- all of it.

Well, except for one thing.

I miss my family who have passed away.

My Grandaddy (great-grandfather) died the Sunday after Thanksgiving when I was 17. He was the first close family member I lost and just a wonderful man. I was so blessed to know him, and to have him as long as I did. I just regret not learning more about him and his growing up years, but I thought everyone would be around for years more.

Each year I think about him as we are gathered around the table, as we watch the football game, and as everything gets quiet. He loved the family gatherings, and Cowboy football. We would all sit around and yell at the 'Boys when they weren't doing well, and cheer them on when they were doing well. I grew up knowing names like Roger Staubach, Danny White and Tom Landry.

I also miss my great-grandmother, she was such a neat lady. An amazing woman, many of my comfort foods are things she cooked. She taught me how to crochet a chain stitch, although we never got beyond that. I just recently realized that it was because she was left-handed and couldn't very easily teach me anything more.
One of my earlier memories, is me telling her that I liked boiled eggs, but not the yolk. She made deviled eggs and proved me wrong.

Then there is my grandfather who just passed away a year and a half ago. Not only do I have memories of him, but Junior and he had a very special relationship. Before he could talk, he just bonded with Grandpa and will mention missing him. I was blessed to be with my Grandpa when he slipped into the Savior's arms.

Thanksgiving is bittersweet for me. I treasure the time with my family, but I also miss those who aren't here anymore.

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