Friday, April 30, 2010

Aspidistra - Cast Iron

I may have mentioned that I like the unusual common plant names such as lipstick plant, wax plant, closet plant, corn plant. Maidenhair fern just sounded pretty even though I wouldn't know if from a Boston Fern - there is a difference right?

so when I heard of one called the "cast iron plant" I was very intrigued. And when I heard that it is called cast iron because it is nearly impossible to kill (yet is not invasive), I wanted one. So I have been keeping my eye out for one but it is not as common now although it was a popular plant of the Victorian age.

So anyway, we went to a nursery today to look at the plants - I was not going to buy any. Then I saw the aspidistra.

Lovely and green.

And oddly familiar.

I am pretty sure we have a huge amount of aspidistra growing. Huge. It doesn't like full sun but it keeps spreading elsewhere. I had dug up a bunch a couple years ago and divided it out and then ran out of space for it all. I had even left a large amount in a bucket for over a year and then noticed it was still alive and doing well.

An empty bucket no dirt soil only rainwater. And it was a drought.

But it was doing well.

I thought "It has got to be cast iron plant." And it is!

A plant that I have been looking for in nurseries is in my yard - soon to be also in my house.

I love plants I can't kill.

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