Thursday, April 8, 2010

how things are going

This has been really hard on us. Daddy’s death was hard but we knew it was coming sooner rather than later. We knew he was ready to be pain-free and as much as we may want him alive, we wouldn’t ask for him to keep living in that pain.


With my husband’s mom though, we thought she would be getting better.


We thought she would get back to normal. And we had plans, nothing specific but things that we wanted to do.



In some ways it is much worse with both of us grieving our parents at the same time but there are some positives. Since we are both going through it we understand each other better. Before my husbands mother passed, I felt like he couldn’t get it –after all he still had 2 parents. It wasn’t that he said or did anything wrong, just that he hadn’t gone through it so he couldn’t possibly understand. 


I know he gets it now. I wish he didn’t have to go through this but I know he gets it. So we are our own grief counseling group.




The gall of some people amaze me. I have gotten email from people wanting something from me on my blogs – like a link exchange or a mention on a post.


Maybe they didn’t bother to look to see what the most recent post was because they are too busy.


Which makes me think I wouldn’t want to work with them anyway.




We adults completely forgot Easter – well, the bunny part of Easter.  Junior woke up Sunday morning and asked if the next day was Easter. I said nope, it was that day.


He said “Did the Easter bunny come?”


My first thought was “oh, crap!” I just said, while panicking, that he was coming later. 


So we decided to celebrate Easter on the 11th because I had so many plans I wanted to do: dye eggs, make empty tomb cookies, etc. I could put it all off until next year but I just feel like we need to do this.


As an added bonus, all of the Easter basket stuff was 1/2 price.




My daughter used air quotes when talking about Santa. I think she knows.




It is a week after Meme’s death and we are still in shock. With my dad, we suspected/knew that the end was coming and so we were more prepared – if one can ever really be prepared. We knew that without a miracle, he would not be cured.


We thought she would get better. We really did.

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  1. I think you're just about as human as any two people can get, and that's okay.

    Thankfully, you do have one another for support and understanding. It's not easy - watching my mom go through the loss of her mom was the most horrible time in my life, but with time, the grief ends and peace begins. All in time, my dear friend.

    I loved the little bit of humor about your daughter using air quotes and Santa. That's just plain funny. :)