Thursday, April 8, 2010

My goal is to have a slightly green thumb

My great-grandmother could make anything grow – she had a very green thumb.


I have a black thumb. I touch plants and they die.


It is sad really.  But I am turning over a new leaf (HA) and am bound and determined to keep some plants alive. Hopefully the internet will be my friend and tell me how to care for them. I think the ones I have are all fairly easy to grow, if I don’t over water.  I have a Peace Lily (I have managed these before for a long time), a Bromeliad, a Hoya, a Schefflera and a Philodendron. We also have a Aloe Vera that we have kept alive for a few months – Hubby tried to drown it but I rescued it.


I also have an African Violet in an African Violet pot which should keep it alive. Supposedly those pots make it idiot-proof. I’ll let you know.


And there are some other plants I have, both indoors and and out, and others I want to try. I like the absurd names of some of them, a Corn Stalk Plant had my brother-in-law and husband confused. Both of them country boys, said that the plant didn’t look a thing like corn stalk – I suggested it was a city boy’s idea of corn.


I think a Lipstick Plant would be cool because it is a fun name but I don’t know if I am there yet.


Any plants you think I should try? Either fun names or idiot-proof – or fun name and idiot-proof would be good.

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