Saturday, April 24, 2010


You should know that Junior HATES hotdogs, I am not really fond of them myself so this isn't a big deal to me.

Junior is somewhat of a picky eater, he will eat what the rest of us eat but will complain This stuff (stroganoff) would be better without the sour cream and onions and why do you like mushrooms. Mushrooms are gross.

Today he is going to a birthday party where they are serving chili dogs and I had visions of him proclaiming loudly "I HATE HOTDOGS." I warned told him about the chilidogs and told him he could have just chili or chili on a bun but he didn't need to say that he didn't like them.

He was very thoughtful and said "I like corndogs* so I might like chilidogs. I think I will try one."


Hopefully he will like them and this will lead to more food experimenting.

* That he likes corndogs is amazing considering he hates cornbread and hotdogs but he is not always rational with his food dislikes.

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