Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is it Monday yet?

Why does everything seem to come at once? Last week we had nothing going on - which was good because I was miserable from antibiotic #2.

Oh, did I forget to mention that antibiotic #1 didn't work? Yes, I had one pill left and was still running a fever. I didn't go to medical school or anything but I think that means it wasn't working.

So I called the Dr and they called me in some new & different antibiotic - also ridiculously expensive but anyway. This lovely antibiotic made me nauseated all week and gave everything a metallic taste. A freakishly strong metallic taste.

So since I felt so bad, very little got accomplished last week.

So it was a good thing that stuff was all piled on this week instead of last, right?

Well, except that I just started antibiotic #3 today. Yep. #3 The ridiculously expensive antibiotic didn't do it. I felt better while on it but 2 days after my last dose my teeth started hurting again. And it didn't feel hot outside - since it is roughly the temperature of the surface of the sun, I suspected a fever.

So I get the fun of a new antibiotic plus a crazy busy week.

Yeah me! Homeschool co-op, 4-H, church, Taekwondo, Homeschool back to school meeting, church, snacks for our Bible study class in addition to all the usual stuff.

And I discover that I use "so" entirely too much.

Now I am going to see if I can see some meteors because I am tired of whining.

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