Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

Do you have the perfect marriage?


Neither do I.

Neither do Rick and Sherri or Bubba and Betty.

They do have an "almost nearly perfect" marriage though. What does the almost nearly perfect marriage look like? Well, there is a lot of laughter mixed with some forgiveness.

Rick and Bubba are not know-it-all geniuses, they each have a real marriage and their stories about their marriages will make you laugh while giving you insights on your marriage.

Included are
  • "Rules of Engagement for Women" and "Rules of Engagement for Men"
  • "Top 10 Worst Ways to say, 'I'm Sorry'"
  • "Top 10 Reasons Some Husbands Don't Pick Up After Themselves"
  • The Book of Blame

While there is a lot of laughter and jokes, there are also some real gems of insight:
Show us a good marriage, and we'll show you a union of two good forgivers. In fact, one reason the divorce rate is so high, especially among christians, is that many of us have forgotten how to forgive.

Men want to be their wife's hero. Yet many wives find it easier to love, feed or clothe their husbands than to show them respect.

This is not a dry dull book on how to improve your marriage. I would even say if your marriage is having trouble, this is probably not the book you need. But is is a fun book to read.

I have to confess I had never heard of Rick and Bubba before.

I never heard their radio show, never saw their website, nothing. I really wish I had listened to the CD that was included with the book first, because I would have had a better idea what I was listening to. As stupid as it sounds, I was not expecting a couple of guys I might run into at the feed store, or at a gathering of Hubbies co-workers, or at church. These guys are totally down to earth, but without getting into the muck.

Some comedians seem to think that the dirtier you get or the fouler the language the better of a comedian you are. These guys are funny without doing that. This is something I would be comfortable listening to with the kids or my parents.

Plus, it gave me the opportunity to see the guy's side and a chance to see my marriage in a new light.

I am really glad I chose this book as my first reveiw for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers.


  1. Cool! I think I'll look into this. The part about how wives love, feed & clothe being easier than showing respect is something I need to work on. :)

  2. Sometimes I learn the most when I'm being entertained... literally. If you grab my attention through laughter - I'm 99% more likely to understand your point. :-) Our pastor uses humor like this too... and it is really helpful!

    I'll have to look into this book too. I know that you mean about clean humor vs dirty humor... I think there comes a point where it's not funny anymore... it's just degrading. I'm glad that there are still people out there with whit and personality enough to be funny without being disgusting.