Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I try to leave my family out of my blog, well except the kids and Hubby. But sometimes . . .

Ok, right now my dad is really struggling in his battle again cancer. I would appreciate prayer (and I will leave it at that. I know they are less not completely comfortable with me posting a whole lot).

Because of this, I can't be left alone with my own thoughts or I cry. I love my Daddy and I hate this for him. I can't do anything for him except pray and I hate that I can't fix it. And yes I know it is God's hands but the very human side of me still wants it fixed the way I want it fixed. Now. or yesterday.

So I am distracting myself from thinking by reading and listening to lectures and teaching my kids and doing every thing I can to not allow my thoughts to run free. Which makes it hard to write anything.


  1. Praying for y'all, I'm so sorry your dad is going thru this. Be strong!

  2. I am thinking about you a lot and praying for your Dad. How about that dinner at Joe's you called about awhile back...interested anytime soon? I would LOVE to take you to dinner.

  3. Sorry to hear about this news. It must be so hard and I can understand why you would want to keep busy. I will pray for you all.
    Collette xxx

  4. I'm sorry about your dad, Christi. Praying for him--and for you and the rest of your family.

  5. I am still praying... I can't imagine how hard this is... but know that you're being lifted up.