Sunday, December 28, 2008

After Christmas

Well, Christmas is over and it went well at our house. We had a wonderful meal and then we unwrapped presents.

We gave Junior and Daisy BB guns.

yup. I'm in Texas.

It took hubby several years to convince me. He kept saying it would be fun for the kids. They wouldn't hurt themselves. They would be careful.

Just so you know, he has a BB in his chest from when he and a friend were playing and shooting each other.

I did feel alot better when Junior told me very solemnly "this is a dangerous present. I could hurt myself."

My parents had given us a Wii and a Wii fit. We actually opened it Thankgiving and so have been playing since then. It is so cool. While waiting for the meal to be ready and then after eating we all played with the wii. My in-laws had gotten the kids some wii games, not really knowing what it was. After a little bit of playing on it, they were tempted to get themselves one.

Listening to Junior yell "Papa, hit Meme really hard! Go on! Hit her!" seemed a bit odd but they were playing the boxing on the Wii. Then it was funny watching all compete on the Wii fit with the balance games.

All in all, it went really well. I did want to post some recipes, and I may do that even though it is after the holidays.

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  1. Ok, this post is cracking me up. J actually mentioned wanting a BB gun this year...course he didn't mention it until christmas Eve, ha! I'm sure it's in the works for next year, however. T has told us all kinds of fun "stories" from his Bb gun days. And of course, J's Christmas movie pic on Christmas Eve was A christmas Story, ha!