Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bunny Babies

As I said, we had the seven that survived from the second litter (the first litter died).

There were 2 remaining rabbits that might be mamas.

Pie I don't think became pregnant. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that she didn't. She also hasn't been acting very perky, so I don't know how healthy she is anyway. Kind-of like a cranky old lady, everytime I walk out there she glares at me.

Flopsy had a rough day of it yesterday. She gave birth to a large baby that died and had alot of swelling and bruising. This morning she had 2 more babies and only one lived. That one wouldn't have made it except I found it before it froze to death. Flopsy had made a nest and pulled some fur in the nest box and then had the babies on the cage floor. I brought the kit in and it spent some time on Daisy's tummy to warm up. I then took it so she could eat some breakfast.

The plan is this: This kit and the runt from the other litter will be come nest mates. The runt hasn't been getting fed, sometimes they just aren't strong enough to fight for a nipple so this way he/she won't have to fight.

Some general info, these are Californian rabbits, they are all white with black ears and feet. They grow to be about 8 lbs. Rabbits are not rodents, they are Lagomorphs which includes only rabbits and cavies (guinea pigs); it has something to do with a difference in the teeth and maybe some other things.

Here is a picture of the little ones, they are a little over 24 hours old and have just been fed. Their little bellies are swollen like they just ate a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. Yes the do look a bit like a tailess mouse or rat although their ears are a bit bigger. Their ears don't look like rabbit ears yet. They do have a bit of hair, like a peach fuzz on their skin and that is the odd silvery sheen they seem to have. They aren't really cute yet.

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  1. They're cute, in a kind of pink, wrinkly piglet kind of way. :)