Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pet Peeve

Hi, this is just a quick little not to introduce you to my pet peeve. I am so grateful to the many bloggers who don't do this. Some of you have the same music taste I do, while some do not.

How do I know?

Because when I go to your blog I am treated to an automatically starting snippet of music.

Now I love music. I truly do. I understand the quote "music tames the heart of the savage beast." I have used music to enhance my mood and to alter it.

But that is by my choice. Sometimes listening to your music just isn't convenient. Like right now, I have my own music playing.

Yes, I can and do turn my speakers off. Which means I can't listen to something else on the computer. Unless I turn the music off at each site. every. time. it. loads.

I hearby promise not to put one of those music thingies on my blog. If I find music that I just have to share, I will do something other than one of those thingies.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you! Musical weblogs are really irritating. I purged the house of most of my kid's battery-operated annoying-tune-playing toys for a reason, and that reason wasn't so that I could listen to someone else's playlist just because I enjoy reading their blog. :)