Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a Legacy of Faith

I was very blessed to come from a family with a strong faith. We were in church every Sunday and had prayers before meals. Not that any of that made me a christian, it just laid the foundation. I will write my testimony later, this is about something I found today.

I was involved in a organization called Rainbows -- the short explanation is that Rainbows is like Masons for teenage girls. Forget all the conspiracy things you have heard about Masons. It's not true. There was alot of scripture memory work and then some of the club type stuff with positions such as secretary and so forth.

When I reached the level of Worthy Advisor (like president) during my installation my Grandfather presented me with a Bible. When he presented my Bible he gave a short speech that he had written. The words would be meaningless except that he believed them and lived them. He was a man of faith.

My granddaughter, I hold in my hand the book of books, the Holy Bible.

Howsoever men differ in creed or theology, all good men are agreed that within the covers of the Holy Bible are found those principles of morality that lay the foundation upon which to build a righteous life, and the study therein will find the way to everlasting life.

The Holy Bible is the world’s supreme record of man’s experience and faith.

In this book are laid down the principles of successful living. It’s great men loom large upon the background of the worlds history. They lived, they fought, they loved, they sinned, they repented. And they left behind them – here -- the testimony that the keeping of God’s Laws and the doing of God’s will are the things worth living for. We need to know the Bible, to learn it’s precepts, to reverence it as our great book friend.

And my granddaughter that your feet may not falter and your path be well lighted, I place in your hands, your very own personal copy of the Great Light, with the prayer that it may indeed be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

While I miss my Grandpa, I was so very blessed.

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