Friday, May 8, 2009

7 quick takes - the decidedly odd edition

1. Tomorrow is our Relay for Life and I am so excited to be participating. The difficult part has been the fund raising, because I hate, hate, hate to ask for money. I really would prefer to have a shirt that says "I am raising money for Relay for Life. Please Donate" and then people could ignore it if they wanted but would also know they could donate.

Because I hate to ask for money, I am a bit short of what I am supposed to raise so I have got to cover it. It isn't the money that bothers me as much as it is knowing that if I wasn't such a horribly shy person, it wouldn't be an issue. I am mostly just mad at myself.

2. The walking isn't going to be a problem, thank goodness. I was afraid it might be.

I did a pretty stupid thing. Since it is nearly summer and I haven't come close to my weight goals, I thought I would give my weight loss a little kick in the pants.

I went and got Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Otherwise known as torture in a box.

I did a partial effort for day 1 - even quit 5 minutes early - to avoid being completely sore. It really wasn't that bad, I was a bit sore but not what I expected.

So day 2 I did the whole workout and put a bit more effort into it. Within hours, I lost the ability to walk without pain. And I am not talking about some minor soreness, I mean the thought of having to go to the bathroom would nearly bring me to tears because I would have to stand up, walk to the bathroom, sit down, stand up and walk back to the living room and sit down.

I skipped day 3. And day 4. Tomorrow would be day 5 which would be the first day I might be physically able to do another shred day, but I need to be able to walk the Relay.

3. I had a doozy of a headache today. Sometimes taking medicine is like throwing marshmallows at a monster. It is finally better, and most of the narcotic effect has worn off. I still feel pretty bad though.

And not 100% coherant.

4. We made Mother's Day gifts in Team Kids on Wednesday. It was a little Mini-spa kit that included some bath salts made from epsom salts and glycerine.

Team Kids is for kids that are in kindergarten - 6th grade. I can see how some of the K and 1st graders might be tempted to try and taste, but the older kids should have more sense than that.

Should. They finally stopped trying to taste when I told them it would give them diarrhea. Unfortunately I had forgotten how fascinated that age group finds bodily functions. (It is used to unblock constipation, as well as to stop pre-term labor. I think it would also be useful in torturing people because an IV with it hurts)

Now I wonder how many of the kids will give their mom the gift while telling them not to eat the bath salt and why.

The younger kids, I just told them it would give them a tummy ache, which mostly stopped them.

5. Oh! The people at Directv are not very bright. I emailed them a complaint and got back a form letter. Hubby got looking on the internet and found out how to fix the problem. Apparently if you have the DVR set to the wide screen format, it adds the pillars. If you have it set to the square screen, it doesn't and then it works fine.

Now why would they not know this?

6. I received a prize from Teresa at 8 things about me but I haven't taken a picture of it yet, so I will tell you more about it later.

7. I also received a blog award, but . . . I am going to tell you about it later as well.

For now, I need to go to sleep.

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  1. I am really shy too. I did the March of Dimes and was so afraid ti ask for money, but I sent out an email and was amazed at the support I received from friends and family. I even went over my goal.

    I just decided that since I wouldn't be offended if someone asked me for a donation, other people wouldn't be either. So I bit the bullet and just did it, I'm glad I did.

    Have fun at your Relay!

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