Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Quick Takes

It is that time again.

Ok I am a bit late but anyway . . .

  1. I got my free bag from Earthbound farms. It is this strange material that is made from recycled plastic bottles that feels like a weird fabric. I wouldn't have thought they could get that close to fabric feeling with the plastic bottles, although I wouldn't want to wear it.

  2. We went to pick blueberries this morning. I love fresh blueberries. I talked with the owners and they were saying this years crop is going to be much smaller. We had a late frost and it wiped out 60% of their crop. The kids were so excited, they had started asking when we could pick blueberries back in March.
    Daisy busily picking blueberries.

    Junior . . . being Junior. He picked enough to cover the bottom of the bucket and then his feet hurt. And it was hot. And . . . .

  3. Picking blueberries with the kids is like following a butterfly ppicking blueberries. You get a couple here, a few there, go to the end of the row and pick a couple more . . . .

    The problem is, some of the best berries are missed this way - that and it is annoying to mom.

    I wonder how often we do that in life. As we walk by, grab this benefit, that perk, this pick-me-up and completely pass by the deeper blessings.

    Or how often we rush through quiet time to get on to the other things on our list and miss the still small voice.

    Or . . . you get the idea.

  4. Junior hates crafts. Hates them, hates them, hates them. He has been known to have the girls in his class color his pictures for him.

    But he made this necklace for me of Mothers Day. He told me today that he chose a heart because he loves me and a "diamond" because he will love me forever.

    My heart just melted in a big old puddle, and I proudly wore that necklace the rest of the day, even in public.

  5. Speaking of Mothers Day, I can now show off what I did for Mothers day gifts, since my mother and grandmother finally got them. Two weeks late. That will be in another post to come.

  6. We watched the space station fly over tonight. I took pictures but . . . they look like I left the lens cap on. I didn't, but thats what it looks like.

    It is amazing to see something that huge and that far away and it just looks like an overgrown star. It also moves pretty quickly by - it crossed the sky in 3 minutes.

    If you want to see when/if it is going to be going by you, look here. I like the "Sighting Opportunities by city" on the left better than the thing in the middle.

  7. I finally uploaded my pictures from my phone - I have got to find an easier way - so I will leave you with some pictures of the kids at Relay for Life.

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  1. Cute stories and pictures - and I think that you are probably right about the blue berry message. :-)

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