Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A buncha nothings

First a scary event. One of the little neighbor girls was missing this evening.

Her brothers had come to the door asking if she was here because she and Daisy have played together. Since it was just barely dark, we didn't think much of it. But when another set of neighbors came to the door, we got out the flashlights and walked around the neighborhood.

We live outside of town in a small subdivision, people are generally quiet and keep to themselves. I honestly meet most of my neighbors right after a hurricane.

But there were flashlights everywhere.


People calling out for a little girl (I think she is 8) and some of them didn't even know her.

She was found at another friends house - where she had apparently run away - but it was good to see the neighbors pull together.


I have finished the major part of my mother day gifts.

Yes, I know it is past Mothers' day but I had issues. I will be happy to explain those issues once I can do so without spoiling the surprise.

First I have to mail them though.


I had a birthday on Friday.

I am . . . a couple of years younger than you.

Unless you are old, and then I am way younger than you.

But I celebrated by working on Mothers' Day presents having a relaxing day and getting further behind on my blog reading.

Spring tends to wear me out, with all the pollen in the air and doing garden work and other stuff. So I am working on it.


Daisy had her piano recital on Sunday and it went really well. She made a couple of mistakes but I think only Daisy, her teacher and I realized exactly where she had problems.


Junior was supposed to have a belt ceremony on Thursday but they canceled it, thank goodness. The gym where it was to be held had it's air conditioner break, and in east Texas, a gym with no AC is not able to support life.

So he had it today during class.

He actually volunteered to go 2nd with his forms - he never volunteers. And the 2 other kids from his class who normally volunteer immediately, didn't at all. They had to be called on to do their form.

So he did well. He is now a yellow belt with a cheetah patch.


I am really enjoying both knitting and crocheting.

I like knitting because it keeps my projects straighter, it is harder for me to mess up.

Crocheting is nice though because it seems like I can whip a project out faster, although it may not look like it is supposed to.

For a dishcloth or grocery bag, it doesn't seem to matter if it is sort-of lopsided.

I have finally somewhat gotten to where I enjoy the process, and like seeing how it will go together, all that sort of stuff. I used to just look at the process as a necessary evil to get to the end. you mean this project is going to take more than 15 minutes!

I did a bag that I love, love, love! It is this wide weave that, when empty, looks kind of like a tangle of yarn. But as you add stuff to it, it stretches. and stretches. and stretches. And as it stretches you can see a loose lace pattern.

I took it to Relay and the kids filled it up with all the junk they got (2 inflatable guitars, some balloons, some balls) plus my stuff and there was still more room in it.

It would make a great grocery bag for the large stuff (toilet paper, bread, etc) but with the heavy stuff, I want to keep packing it in until it doesn't fit. Which could be really heavy.

Daisy is learning knitting, but she isn't really enjoying it yet. She gets bored because it is something-she-does-while-she-could-be-doing-something-way-more-fun.

With a looooooooong car trip in our near future, I am thinking she might begin to see it as something-she-can-do-instead-of-being-bored-out-of-her-skull.



  1. My goodness - that poor family. I can't imagine the terror they eperienced while looking for their daughter. That happened to an old friend of mine several years ago - her son disappeared one evening and we didn't find him until he showed up at school the next day.

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  2. So many babies going missing lately, I'm glad that one had a happy ending.

    I love that you are teaching Daisy to knit. One day maybe she will love it, but it's good to at least know the basics.

    Recent blog post: Don't Fear the Swimsuit