Tuesday, May 26, 2009

top 10 things I have learned or been reminded of

I was looking around and found Amanda's blog with a top 10 list. I thought it sounded fun so here is my Top 10 things I have learned or been reminded of recently.

  1. That old tv show, Land of the Lost was on yesterday. Have you seen it recently? It is really pretty funny how bad it is. In fairness, it was a childrens show and so probably had a tiny budget, but the "special effects" are pretty laughable.

  2. We went to a birthday party on saturday and I was reminded that barbeque shrimp is amazingly good. OH MY STARS! I had forgotten how good.

  3. We have the upcoming trip and some of us are more serious about preparing than others.

    I am trying not to laugh at Junior, in preparation for the beach he is wearing a diving mask and flippers - with his pajammas.

  4. I learned that I put-off simple things too long. My hubby has a pair of shorts that are like new, except the missing button. It took about a year and 5 minutes to sew the button on.

  5. I just got internet access on my phone because we are going to be going on this trip and sometimes it is convenient to be able to look up stuff while in an unfamiliar place. I haven't gotten it before because . . . I am cheap thrifty. Ok, I am cheap. Anyway, that is really pretty fun. I was afraid of that. It would have been nice if I hated having it on the phone.

  6. I learned that I can be very clever in typing up a recipe that I love but then not so smart when I forget to put the amounts of two of the key ingredients. I then had to call someone else to find out how much is needed so I could send the grocery list to someone.

  7. I learned that hubby is back on shift while one of his coworkers has surgery. So it could be a month of two whole waiting for him to recover. I hate shift work.

  8. I learned that size does matter in crocheting (and probably knitting too). I made a grocery bag that is now the size of a beach bag because I used the wrong hook. It is supposed to be 19 inches wide and turned out to be 30 inches. Oops.

  9. I learned how a mother can publicly give control over to her daughter just because she doesn't want to make a scene. Rather than say no and "we will talk about this later," the mom mentioned changing the rules of the group as a way to force her daughter to mind.

  10. I have come to realize how much restraint my mother had with some of my friendships. It is so difficult watching your child be friends with someone who manipulates or lies or ______. One of the neighbor girls will get mad, and stomp off home. Daisy, being a peacekeeper, is really bothered by this behavior and I am left wondering do I bite my tongue or tell her she is being manipulated.

    Any thoughts?


  1. DH & I were watching some show just the other day & talking about the "special effects." They were supposed to be floating, but you could clearly see they were sitting on a floor.
    As far as #10, I think I would tell her. I hate to watch kids be manipulated and I know I would have wanted my mom to step in. Just my 0.02 worth.

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  2. Kay-girl is having the same issue with one of the girls she plays with. She gets her heart broken every.single.time. the girl says, "Then I'm not going to be your friend anymore." And she only says it when she wants Kay-girl to do something that she doesn't want to do. I keep telling her that when the girl says that, Kay-girl needs to say, "Fine" and walk away. The little girl will come back. Unfortunately, Kay-girl has yet to try out my theory. Ugh, the drama of girls!

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  3. Its good to be reminded of good things. Happy belated Tuesday.