Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Word Friday

I am participating in something new for me, Five word Friday, and its five words on a specific topic.

The topic for this week is "So, in five words, describe what makes your summer, well, summer? "

1. Ice cream, especially homemade. I love homemade ice cream. I wish it wasn't such a pain in the neck to make, we would eat it much more often.

2. Popsicles, although I only like cherry and, in a pinch, grape. Last year I made some with yogurt and fruit, oh my goodness those were good. And healthier.

3. Snocones, ok I promise I will try to think of one not food related, but this is the deep south. Frozen summer foods are vital.

4. Hurricane season, the past few years, it has meant getting prepared for hurricane season. Which means stocking up on canned food, water, batteries, lamp oil. Just in case.

5. fresh tomatoes off the vine no more food grilled corn on the cob no more food! Oh I know, listening to kids run through the sprinkler and other fun outdoor summer stuff.

Ha! I did come up with one that wasn't food.

The difficulty, is that it is so hot here that we don't do as much outdoors as when I was a kid. And the kids nowadays park themselves inside with their video games from sun up to sun down.

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  1. Thanks for joining in this week, Christi! Now I see what you meant about being hungry and that driving your thoughts! :-)

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  2. YAY - I'm glad to see you joined in the fun. :-)

    I saw your note about your trip - and I will tell you that there are some cool things in Gaitlinburg, TN - if you can get through the Dollywood area with the kids blindfolded. :-) We took this really neat ride up the mountain to see the black bear exhibit at the top - it was wonderful. Also the drive up the mountain there through the national park was amazing... so truly breath-taking views.

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