Wednesday, May 20, 2009

swish pbththpb swish bang

Do you know what is more annoying than a five-year old boy with a bag of balloons?

Neither do I.

As if the blowing up and letting go to watch them fly around the room (while listening to the pbthpbth) wasn't bad enough, he kept accidentally popping them.

Four of them in 2 hours.

I have to give him some credit, he didn't stretch the mouth out (like you are making it smile) so that it would squeal.

Sadly, I don't know where the bag of balloons is so I get to listen to it again tomorrow.

Yay, goodie!


  1. Ugh... YUCK! I say that bribery is a very useful tool...

  2. oooh, balloons drive me insane!! i especially hate the popping...b/c it always seems to happen right when i have let my guard down and i end up jumping out of my skin!

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