Friday, October 23, 2009

7 quick takes

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1. It drives my husband crazy but I honestly don't do it on purpose. I have a tendency to forget where I put my keys last. They could be in my purse, on the counter, in my pocket of the jeans I was wearing, the pocket of the jacket I was wearing, or some other totally random place.

If it hasn't been but a day or two since I used them last, I can usually find them fairly quickly. But if it has been more than a couple days . . . .

Wednesday I lost them. Completely. As in we spent all day cleaning and decluttering hoping to find where I had left them. We missed piano, didn't get to go to the library, didn't get to the grocery store.

That evening I found them. In my jacket pocket. I shook the jacket much harder than I had the previous 3 times I checked it and heard a jingle.

2. Thursday it was wet rainy and gross outside, plus my stomach hurt so I planned a nice quiet day at home. It didn't happen.


As a 4-H project, Daisy has been raising rabbits - and not the cute little fluffy pets but the meaner meat rabbits. We have found homes for most that she has raised so it hasn't been too bad.

Yesterday though one of them was sick, belly swollen like a balloon. I was pretty sure what it was and that it would probably be fatal soon. The one person who might have known what to do was unavailable. Hubby wasn't home and the poor thing was miserable so I had to dispatch it. That was the first time I had ever had to do anything like that. And hopefully the last.

We did get a homeschool lesson out of it though, we went ahead and dissected it and so identified the heart, lungs, stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys, bile duct, etc.

3. Charlie Hall band came to perform on Saturday night and Sunday. Saturday night was cold (for us anyway) so it wasn't as well attended as it might have been but it was so much fun! I love the music - nice and loud and the kids had a blast. For those of you that don't know him, he sings a lot of praise music although I suppose it could also be called christian rock.

We loved their music. You should check them out.

4. I still haven't heard from the evil dentist office if they are going to continue trying to make us pay. They were supposed to call back the next day (almost 2 weeks ago). I have been trying to call the past 2 days but no answer.

5. Daisy bought her first brand-new good camera with her birthday money. She loves taking pictures but pushing her into artistic pictures is not as easy I would have thought.

I do have her taking as many pictures as possible and have told her 30 shots of one thing is not too much because in that you may have 1 that you love.

6. The men of our church are going together to see a hockey game as a guy's get-together. Junior is so excited that his Daddy is taking him even though he has no clue what a hockey game is. Hubby has never been to one either. Daisy is glad she is a girl and so she can't go.

I wish I could go.

7. Our wal-mart remodeled. That means it takes twice as long to find everything. I hate wal-mart.

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  1. I was wondering what "dispatching" meant,then I read further. Now I get it. You dispatched that bunny to heaven. Right?

    And to Number 7, it's not possible to hate Wal-Mart. You just have to put them on notice is all. They re-modeled the closest one to us (we have several within a 30 mile radius) to add more of a grocery section (it's not a Super) but the aisles in other parts of the store are more narrow and they eliminated some of the departments altogether like fabrics. Crafting is a lot smaller. Shoes is smaller. Clothing is the same, just all crammed now. And no more self-checkouts. We know one of the greeters personally, so it makes it worthwhile to keep going there.