Saturday, October 31, 2009

Girls Night Out

The guys at our church decided for a guys event they would go to a hockey game. A two hour drive away. And it was guys only. And Hubby and Junior went.

So Daisy and I decided to do our own thing and we had so much fun! First we went and got her a haircut and then we hit Old Navy's 50% off sale and found some great deals for her. Then we went into the mall, walked the whole mall, and didn't really feel tempted to buy anything.

We dined at our favorite Italian restaurant, Joe's. Daisy got the adult portion of manicotti which comes with a salad. She didn't want the salad but I told her it was coming out anyway and ordered the house dressing for her. I have to tell you, their house dressing is like nothing else I have tried before - I think it is marinara with a large amount of vinegar - but it is delicious. That dressing turned my daughter into a salad lover. She ate every bit of it and then needed a to-go box for almost half of the manicotti.

After we ate, it was still somewhat early so we decided to go rent a couple of movies - chick flicks and watch them. We got New in Town and Monsters Vs Aliens and watched both of them. We were disappointed with New in Town, it was funny but there was way too much bad language for a pg movie. I would have classed it as pg-13 because of all the swearing - but I guess because they were the lesser offensive words they didn't count. I dunno.

Monsters Vs Aliens was funny. We both loved it and laughed and didn't have to cringe when a** or s**t was used - even though it also had a pg rating. I guess because of the "violence".

Anyway, Daisy and I had a wonderful girls night out and girls night in. It was well worth not getting to go to the hockey game.


  1. That sounds amazing - I'm glad you had a great time together!

  2. I love that! As soon as we get "our girl" we'll do "Girls Day/Boys Day". :)