Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I wanna fly like an Eagle

One of our favorite places to eat is the county airport. I know that sounds sort of weird but it is where Junior wanted to go eat on Saturday after soccer.

We have a smallish county airport. I guess it is smallish, I wouldn't really know. I don't think anything commercial is flying there now, or at least not on a regular basis. It seems to be mostly prop planes but Hubby says there was a small jet there the other day. I dunno.

Anyway, we have a smallish county airport that has a little cafe, the kind with stools up at a bar and mismatched tables. They have a limited menu - mostly burgers, sandwiches, and chicken strips. No soda fountain so if you order coke, you get a cup with ice and a can. The food is good but not the absolute best.

But this is the view out the window where we sat:

That is with no zoom, I-could-hit-the-plane-with-a-french-fry close. If the glass wasn't in the way. And I could throw worth a cuss.

And just beyond those two rows of planes that you see is a runway that you can't really see in the picture. But somebody with a good throwing arm could throw a ball at a plane landing.

So while the food is good I think the whole reason the kids love eating there is the planes. On a Saturday there are plenty of landings and take-offs, quite a bit of goings on to watch. Junior found it fascinating that the propeller disappears when it starts spinning. We have had discussions on how the wind direction could be important during takeoff and landing.

So a meal and some learning. That's a good combo meal.

Since I find it hard to believe we have the only county airport like this, there may be another one near you.

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  1. Very cool! We have a small county airport very close by too; often times you see older planes flying there. I'm talking like the old ones you'd seen wingwalkers on. Old warbirds, too. It looked like a pretty day! We haven't seen a day like that in what seems like a sweet forever!