Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Completely indulgent

This could be considered a frugal treat, but really it is too . . . too . . . much to be anything but completely indulgent.

You take a day old glazed donut (it can be a completely fresh one as well). Like this one.

Melt some butter (about a pat of butter) in a skillet and then fry the donut in the butter on both sides.

When it is lightly toasted on each side,

just put it on a plate and eat it while hot. With a fork. You will see why.

The inside gets all soft, like when it was fresh. The glaze caramelizes into a crispy crunch. You could just heat it in the microwave but then you wouldn't get the crisp sugar shell.

As a safety precaution, I need to tell you that the melted sugar is extremely hot. Please be careful.

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  1. You pretty much make up for your dislike of sweet tea with this!!! It almost sounds too rich!

  2. YUM! How is the wasteline to cope with such delicacies?!

  3. Sorry - I meant waistline. Wasteline... well. Let's not go there.

  4. I think that I just drooled a little... YUM!