Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Works-for-Me - reusable recylced bags

First I wanted to remind you to check out my homeschool blog, I have a new post up about art and self-esteem. You can see it here.

Now for my Works-for-Me Wednesday post . . .

We make alot of trips to the library. ALOT. Because 1. I love books 2. we homeschool 3. I love books

You would think that since we go about once a week or two, we wouldn't be checking out that many books.

Well you would be wrong. We went yesterday and we have checked out about 35 books - some picture books, some chapter books, some cookbooks - not all will be read, and not all will be completely read but still that's alot of books.

I have tried various things over the years to help carry all of them but haven't been completely happy with any of them, until now.

Now I use 2 of those reusable shopping bags - not the fabric ones. You know, the plasticky ones that are made from recycled bottles? I have seen them for $1-2 so if they tear up from me putting too much in it, I haven't lost that big of an investment. But they hold a huge amount.

I have used 5 plastic grocery type bags before (double bagged) to carry books to and from the library and they have broken after just a couple of uses. I had room to spare with my 2 reusable bags that I have been using for 2 months.

I love these bags, they don't take up very much space but they carry so much. These bags really work for me.


  1. Wow, I'm not the only one who comes home with half the library every week! Thanks for the bag tip...transporting books is always an issue for us!

  2. Dude...I think we have an overdue book...again...thanks for reminding me, hee hee! Not that Ms. Thelma is EVER surprised when I walk in with my checkbook open.

  3. We LOVE those bags and the canvas type, too! For me it's a lot easier to carry heavy bags on my shoulders than in my hands, so I can carry more.

    We have enough bags that we just made one of them "the library bag" and we keep the library books in it when not reading them. This makes it easier to find all the library books when it's time to return them.