Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on the story of the dog

We had to go to the grocery store yesterday - no eggs, low on milk, low on bread - and rather than go to "the W*lm*rts" - which is being remodeled - I went to the other grocery store.

Thank goodness!

I saw a sign on the door about a missing dog and I got the idea that the dog had been stolen out of the yard because it said "last seen in a grey some-kinda-specific car" - I don't know cars at all. Anyway, it also mentioned that he was a family pet and the kids were heartbroken.

So I called the number on the paper to let them know what we knew about the dog (even though we hadn't seen him in 4 days).

Well apparently, this sweet dog is a family pet but Dad has a girlfriend. The girlfriend doesn't really like the dog, she thought it was the wife's dog. And it was she who tied the dog to the bridge.

I can understand that kind of resentment, but not taking it out on a poor innocent animal. It also makes me wonder how nice she was to the kids.

So later I get a cell phone call - which doesn't ring because I don't get cell reception in the house, but I can eventually get messages. Anyway the family (possibly the wife or ex-wife) is pressing charges of animal cruelty on the girlfriend. Since we are the ones that found the dog, we need to be involved somehow (the message was asking if that was ok with us).

I am not sure exactly what is involved, I have never done anything like this before. It is going to be a learning experience for us.

Ironically, when we found the dog I thought "I wish there was some way of pressing charges against who-ever did this but we will never find out who they are."


  1. Justice would be this little dog finding a better home.

    I hope it doesn't turn out to be a big ugly mess for you just because you happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    Animals are God's anyone can be cruel is completely beyond me and makes me want to smack 'em.

  2. Go get em girl!! Consider yourself Norma Raye for the dog... ;-)

  3. Good grief, that's petty! I'm glad you guys rescued the dog, but an ADULT tied it there to begin with is unconscionable. And I agree--if she's willing to do this to a dog, she probably isn't very nice to the kids either.