Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It is really sad

But I am apparently not a good Southerner. Even though I never lived further north than Birmingham, Alabama (except for 1 year in Colorado) I just have to admit to not being a good daughter of the south. Almost all my people were southerners but . . . well you get the idea.

Why do I bring shame on my heritage? I can sum it up in 5 words: Sweet Tea makes me gag.

Now I love tea; hot tea, iced tea, green tea. But please keep the sugar away from my tea. If I wanted to take in the amount of sugar it takes to qualify as "sweet tea," I would just sit down with a spoon and the sugar bowl.

Now my Daddy loves him some sweet tea. If it isn't sweet tea, he adds enough sugar to leave a thick layer of undissolved sugar on the bottom of his glass. Hubby is the same way.

Junior . . . well Junior loves sweet tea but I am pretty sure that he just loves sugar. You could offer him just about anything with sugar and he would be delighted.

Daisy doesn't really like tea in general so she has almost equal dislike for both the sweet and un-sweet teas, with a slight preference for the sweet.

So I am the lone hold out in our household. The one rebel against drinking sweet tea.
It's just sad.


  1. Now take yourself outside and give yourself 10 lashes with a branch from the magnolia tree in your backyard!! That is southern sacrilege!!

    I'm kidding of course. :-)

    5 lashes should do the trick.

    Seriously, I was all but bottle-fed sweet tea from the time I was born, so it's a summer must-have for me. Although the older I get, the less sweet I like it. There is a point where you cross the sugar threshold and it doesn't taste like tea anymore.

    PS - I am so glad you changed your commenting format because now I can comment!

  2. I actually am not a fan of sweet tea made with sugar either - only because it sets my blood sugar off into a tailspin. I do however like a little bit of splenda in my tea - but the older I get the less sweet it needs to be for me to enjoy it.