Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am going to have code chasing me in my sleep

Well, you may have noticed that I have changed the look of things again. I have some more ideas that I may or may not implement - I am not going to promise anything though. I am thinking that this one I can change up fairly easily when I get bored with the old one.

It would be easier if I could use the standard templates, or even one of those where you just add a widget. But no, I have to customize one.

Some good did come of the ridiculously early meeting that was cancelled. After I got up and dressed. I pretty much had the coding figured out night, I just had to implement it on 3 blogs (insert eye rolling here). I wanted them to look somewhat connected to each other.

Now off to run some errands - including returning an electronic blood pressure cuff. I just don't want to keep it when I could guess the BP more accurately (insert more eye rolling here).

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  1. I feel your pain my friend. But I thrive on this kind of stuff! Thanks for the heads up on my info thingy. I think I fixed it. Let me know if this one shows up right. And yes, that was me that commented on your post. ;-)