Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Bits

I don't understand people nowadays. There was a time when churches were left alone, it some how being more wrong to steal from a church than a person. Well not anymore.

Our church was broken into Sunday night. Someone threw a car jack through the glass door and stood on a table and stole a TV. A flat-screen that would net about $50 on the street. They would have possibly tried to steal more but the table they were standing on to reach the TV broke and they apparently decided that 1 TV was enough.

So now our church has gotten an alarm system.


Junior is missing his sister desperately. She went to pre-teen camp this week, she left Monday and will be back Friday afternoon. While I know she is having a blast, he has lost his best friend.

He has been able to be the only child for the week so it hasn't been completely miserable. Unfortunately, mom is not as much fun and so he has asked each day how much longer until she gets back.


As much as I have to admit it, some of the weight I gained on vacation was not water weight. Well, to be honest I suspected as much since we ate our way across 6 different states. Not to mention the Russell Stover Outlet store in Tennessee - alot of the candy was 75% off, and then the "oops" boxes.

So I am back to exercising and eating healthier. Again. I only have 5 lbs of vacay weight to lose but alot more pre-vacay weight. I won't bore you with the numbers. Ok, I don't want to think about the numbers because then I want more chocolate.


We celebrated Daisy's birthday by taking her and a friend to see "Ice Age III - Dawn of the Dinosaurs" which was in 3-D. I will admit that 3-D has come a very long way since the red and blue glasses but I am not sure I saw the point. It was slightly blurry (maybe because I was also wearing glasses since I had forgotten to put in contacts) and at first the 3-D was distracting, then I forgot all about it.

The movie was enjoyable, and we laughed alot during it but there wasn't any of the adult jokes like in the first one - and when I say adult I mean stuff that a grownup would get like the Stonehenge and Star Trek references not anything R rated.

After the movie, Daisy wanted to go eat at Olive Garden. I just love their salad and they have a new soup Chicken and Gnocchi - oh my, I am going to look for a copy cat recipe for that. Hubby's favorite is still the Toscana soup which to me tastes like sausage - since I don't like sausage I don't really like that one. All of us liked the chicken and gnocchi and since Daisy has been wanting to learn how to make gnocchi . . . .


I have been trying to get geared up for the upcoming school year and I am beginning to get excited about it. I asked Junior what he would like to learn about and he couldn't think of anything. I gave him a few suggestions and he settled on sports.

Great. Something I am completely incompetent at.

So I asked what kind of animal - thinking that if he chose cardinals then we could study birds.

He chose mice. I hate rodents. Ewww. Maybe for my sanity we will study fictional mice, Ralph and the Motorcycle, Redwall series, Despereaux.

Hmm, this was all kindof random. Sorry about that.


  1. Ralph S. Mouse and I go back a LOOOOOONG way... I loved those books. :-) I guess that's why I liked Stuart Little too. HA! Interesting bunch of facts... an geez - I don't think I could resist a chocolate outlet either!

    Recent blog post: Old or Ailing?

  2. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments regarding my HOTM article "Conventional Wisdom." I read through your post and see so many similarities--discussions about weight, pre-teens (and a teen, in my case), and even a recent trip to Olive Garden! While there, I saw a family who is probably quite conventional, and their kids were a poor mess, with everyone trying to eat over being scolded about their behavior. Who says going against the flow can't be a positive thing?!? May God bless you.

    Recent blog post: Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up--July 5, 2009

  3. Ok, i had no idea about the church...and we just got those!!! And about the rodent...just borrow Debra's for awhile, she's actually a very sweet mouse!

  4. Gotta love summer camp, summer vacations, extra pounds and gearing up for next school year. Hey...were you talking about my life or yours? :-) Sorry about your church. That hurts. Not so sorry about the mouse thing. I like the tame ones.

  5. oops. I wrote without saying who I was.

    just me, Michele (erbcmichele)