Monday, September 28, 2009

I am turning into my mother - or maybe not

I come from a long line of Dallas Cowboy fans. I can remember my (great) Granddaddy, Grandmother, and Mom all yelling at the TV when a Cowboy game came on. I grew up with names like Roger Staubach and Danny White.

I also would try to go outside when the cowboy game was on because, y'all the yelling was LOUD.

Even though I did somewhat keep my distance during game time, I did consider myself a Cowboy fan.

I mourned along with everyone else when Tom Landry was fired.

Tom Landry should still be coach.

I still consider Jerry Jones the new owner, the villian who fired Landry.

Now I watch Cowboy football and yell at the tv. My kids hate game day because they say I am too loud.

I have to confess though, I saw part of the Houston Texan game against the Tennessee Titans. That was a good game! And I didn't get mad at Tony for thinking too much about Jessica and not being able to throw the ball. And there wasn't any illegal tripping like in the Cowboy game that followed.

Although, my throat was a bit sore by the time the Cowboy game came on.

But I enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the Texan game yesterday. Although, they totally should have won. Stupid Refs.

They didn't make a bunch of glaringly stupid errors. At least not compared to some of the Cowboy games I have seen.

So I may be turning into a Texan fan. I will still root for the 'Boys but I am losing some of the loyalty.

I am just glad my Grandaddy doesn't know.


  1. Ok...I've never been an NFL fan, tho I married a Cowboy fan. College ball though? I totally get where you're coming from...J can't stand Saturdays in our home b/c he knows it's college football ALL DAY. I love that the Frogs get air time these days :) Sorry I missed you guys at church Sunday...had to keep my nephew and J entertained while T & his brother went to the gun range. And yea, I always love looking at Scholastic book forms, we did just get one from his teacher but it as his age only. I like to check out the younger ones for my neices.

  2. The Cowboys are a much-disliked team in my house. Or so I'm told. My husband said I can't root for them. And he's the football junkie, so I listen. At the start of every game, I always ask which team I'm rooting for? Unless it's the Rams, then I have to root for them because they are the home team, even if they ARE the new Lions (13 losses in a row/re-building year, or so they say!). I often want to leave during football. Hubs yells at the TV, name calls any player who he thinks made a bad play and gets generally very angry and annoyed. I'm like "Why watch?" I don't get it. It's no fun for me on Sundays this time of year. He tells me all the time that I don't "get it". He's right. I don't. My only contention is that after 13 losses, the team should no longer get a paycheck until they start winning again...