Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weird Wednesday

Apparently some part of me likes coming up with problems no one else has had and stumping support people.

I would really like to get rid of that part.

I have had a cell phone that would randomly delete numbers, then one that insisted the bluetooth was on when it was off, then one that wouldn't make phone calls unless there was internet access. We have had other people's insurance tacked on to our mortgage - every single person I talked to at the mortgage company said "oh but we wouldn't do that" until they realized that they did.

Today my land line phone service died. Except, I still have DSL through the same line.

Yes, I know. It's weird. I spent almost all day moving furniture trying to get at each one of the plugs to see if that was the problem. Bought a new cheapo phone to see if that was the problem.

When Hubby got home he spent 20 minutes and wired up a device to plug a phone into to see if it was the line outside the house or inside. So it took him 25 minutes to confirm what I spent all day doing.

I was a little annoyed because of no phone service but it wasn't too bad because I still had internet. Until about 2 or 3 pm and the internet died.


All afternoon and evening it was "oh, I need to look up _____. Wait, I DON'T HAVE INTERNET!" or "I need to send an email to _____. Wait, I DON'T HAVE INTERNET!" And then "That would make a great blog post. Wait, I DON'T HAVE INTERNET!"

After a very long and frustrating day, I thought I would just double check and amazingly the internet is back. Angels sang, I did a happy dance, Hubby got annoyed.

See, there is a chance that I was wrong and only thought the internet was alive when the phone was dead. Which would be more understandable. Because only half of our services going out is weird. But the net being back means I was likely not wrong. So the weird thing is the true thing.

Hopefully I will have phone service back sometime tomorrow. And the internet connection won't die again. And maybe I will be more coherent.

Edited to add Well they came today and I watched them out the window and they had to bring one of the cherry picker trucks. It turns out a mama flying squirrel had made her nest in the line box thingy (it is the long black box that looks like it would be great for holding french bread or newspapers). She had 5 baby squirrels so young that their eyes weren't open yet.

The phone guys found a box to put them in so they could have another nest and mama flying squirrel is checking out the new digs. She may decide to move the nest again but at least she isn't completely avoiding them.

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  1. A flying squirrel? Of all things! Isn't amazing how hooked we are to the internet. When my laptop didn't work for a day I felt like I'd lost a limb :)