Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WFMW - Remember Scholastic?

I used to love, love, love getting the flyer from the teacher. I would pour over it and look at it and try to figure out which ones were the most important.

I was bless to have a family that considered books important - or at the very least knew how important they were to me. My mom would give me a dollar amount and I could pick almost anything I wanted as long as the total was less than the dollar amount (I have no idea what it was but that was 20+ years ago so it means nothing now anyway).

I rarely - if ever - spent it on anything but books, I had completely forgotten they also used to do posters. And each one of those purchases was agonized over. There were always books I wanted but didn't get - in fairness though, I wanted half of the flyer. It was always a question of this one or that one, these two or this one. Million dollar business deals required less thought and debate.

As fun as that day was, the day that the books came in was even better.

I would barely be able to wait to get home to start reading them. I don't really remember very many specific books. I remember seeing How to Eat Fried Worms in the flyer - but I thought it looked disgusting so I never got it. I also remember some book about popcorn - 100 Pounds of Popcorn. It was one I agonized over, decided against and then a friend accidentally got 2 copies and so gave me one.

I love getting to share this with my kids now. I handed them each a flyer yesterday and watched them. Daisy spent nearly an hour picking and Junior - well Junior was not interested until he saw a SkippyJon Jones book. He did end up having to chose between 2 books that he wanted.

I am lucky enough to the the Scholastic person for our homeschool group. I organize the orders, get them in and meet of with the families who order and as payment, I get free books. Both kids were able to choose $10 worth of books that were free.

I know! Cool!

I don't think we will usually be getting that much and sometimes we have to spend some in order to get anything. Either way it works-for-me!

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  1. I remember those days fondly as well... I almost always wanted making selections was difficult. :-)