Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WFMW - Dry skin

Ok, no tip from me but I need help.

I don't know if it is my age or hormones or what exactly but my face has become like a painful dry desert.

I don't use soap, I occasionally wear makeup, and have never had this problem. I have always been oily/combination skin, and have had to get oil free makeup to keep the shine down.

But in the past few months it has all changed. My forehead is the worst, it is flaking off skin but the rest is pretty bad too. After I take a shower or wash my face (water only to keep from stripping it worse) the skin actually feels tight from the dryness.

No new detergent or soap, I am at a loss.

So what do you suggest as a moisturizer?

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  1. Hi Christi, I've never commented before, but thought I actually had something to offer...

    Eucerin cream will work wonders...make sure it's the cream and not the lotion, it sort of has the consistency of shortening.

    It's about $13/tub, but the $4 generic Wal-Mart brand is quite comparable.

    We have basically slathered this stuff on my 3yo daughter after every bath since birth because she has extrememly dry skin. I use it too, sometimes on my face in the summer when my skin gets really dry from being out in the sun so much. It's a teensy bit greasy at first application, but dries quite comfortably in a few minutes.

    Hope this helps!

  2. My entire body is becoming this way the older I get-- I can relate to the "skin feels tight after washing" problem!

    I've found that anything perfumed does this to me in the shower-- a friend told me that's because there's alcohol in the products to help them dry faster. I thought it was smart to purchase the Bath & Body Works stuff... turns out that's one of the worst for me due to the heavy perfumes.

    What works for me: Aveeno products. Shower gel, body lotion, face stuff. Dove products are also OK, they don't leave me feeling dry, but they also don't seem to provide any extra moisture like the Aveeno stuff does.

    For my face, I use Aveeno daily pads to wash and I find these don't dry me out. (If I stop using them for a while the first day I use them again I feel a little tight,but by the second day I'm good.) I have Pond's moisturizer at the moment, which seems fine, but when this runs out I may try the (more expensive) Aveeno stuff since I love all the rest of their products so much.

    I have used the Eucerin described above for my legs/feet. For me, it would be too heavy for the sensitive skin on my face, but obviously each person is different. :)

  3. I have very dry skin also. I use Vitamin E cream from Fruit of the Earth. It comes 2 tubs wrapped together at WalMart for $3.67. It is a lifesaver. I have given it to several people who had dry skin and they all love it also. It's a bargain and it works great!

  4. I've heard grape seed oil is good. I use it in my son's cloth wipes and it's not terribly oily.


  5. You poor thing... I think our weather has a lot to do with it... it has been abnormally dry for us - and my skin has been drier too.