Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WFMW – Speed Dial

This is a new one for me, my (much taller) little brother just showed it to last week so I haven’t gotten it completely figured out but I love it so far.


I use a laptop and with the rectangular screen, space is at a premium. I had actually gone through the trouble of making my own toolbar just to have more space for the frequently used links. Yep I am a nerd. And a computer geek.


As a side note, part of the problem is that everyone uses my profile. You know how you can set up different profiles on the computer so that everyone can have their own background? Or their own favorites. Or whatever. My family won’t use them. They use my profile. So I have all my links plus any that anybody else thinks is important. I could lock them out of my profile but that is a little snarky – not to mention a pain for me because I would have to get the other one set up.


Anyway, my little brother saw the frightful mess of links across the tool bars (and the number of toolbars) and suggested I look into Speed Dial instead. It stores the webpages that you load in (which is really easy to do) along with a screenshot so you can easily glance and find whichever website you are wanting.


If Speed Dial is set up as your homepage and set to automatically open in new tabs or windows,  then it is easy to go to any of you favorite places.


You also have the ability to put more spaces in the screen as well as having more “groups.” I have my main group, then a blogging group, one for my husband and then one for my kids.


Easy Peasy.


It is just a simple little download. My only complaint is that I don’t think I can have the other household computers all synced  with this. There is the ability to export settings so I assume that once I get it the way I want, I can import the settings on the other computer. But if I want to add a new webpage, I will have to do it on each computer.  On the other hand, because it is simple to work, Daisy could add the websites herself.


Notice to the FCC – I am not getting any compensation for this review. Speed Dial does not know who I am nor do they care. I got speed dial for free but so can you. 

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