Monday, March 15, 2010

Why my middle name is not Grace

Today I was enjoying the day outside with the beautiful sunshine. It was so nice out there. Warm but not stiffling you know.

Then it got to be time for Hubby to go to work and I needed to run in the house for a minute.

Did you ever notice how dark it can be inside after you have been outside? And you can't really see? "They" say that when you fall, it is like it is in slow motion but "they" aren't always right.

Somehow I ended up on the floor, on my back with my feet in the air - my sweet daughter compared me to a beetle on its back. I had twisted my ankle some how and that caused the fall but I don't know what I twisted my ankle on or what my toe hit.
I do know that I hit my head hard on the back of the recliner.

Since the room kept going dark (as I was trying not to pass out), I was concerned about a concussion so off to the doctor we went. Not to mention my toe hurt badly enough to cause me to burst into tears.

Well no concussion, although I do have a lump on the back of my head. And I broke my big toe bad enough to need a walking boot.

The thing that is aggravating, breaking a foot sounds really impressive but breaking a toe, not so much. It is just 1/2 an inch difference but a broken toe is almost the equivalent of a hangnail. And there have been times that I thought I broke my little toe (maybe I did, maybe not) but they didn't hurt nearly as bad as this did.

As tempting as it might be to curl up in bed until the month is over, there is some good stuff about to happen. I get a new baby niece soon. My baby boy turns 7 (ok that one is a bit bittersweet). My little sisters creep closer to 30 (hehehehehe). Plus I am sure there will be other blessings coming up later in the month. I just need to focus on the good stuff.

And I am glad my parents didn't name me Grace because that would be so ironic. Not to mention it would have bugged my great-grandmother if I was named after her sister instead of her.


  1. Yeah, you're not alone there, Christi. Grace would not be appropriate for me either. I consider myself "chronically klutzy" and have thought for years that there should be a pill we can take for it.

    I feel your pain...sort of. I've never broken a toe (knock on wood) but have stubbed my toes more times than I can count. Literally, I used to sub them once a day for what seemed like the better portion of my childhood. I attribute my "squared off" toes to all that stubbing!

  2. Oh Christi, you poor thing! There is nothing I can think of worse than hurting your toe. The thought of it envokes nausea from me... I'm glad that there wasn't a concussion though! Rest up and enjoy all of those blessings that are coming up! <3

  3. Oh goodness. So glad you are ok, but what a funny post. What a great to look at it all..


  4. YOWCH I know exactly how you feel! I broke mine last year from falling too! It HURTS