Thursday, March 18, 2010

“You got me cereal? For my birthday?”

Sitting too much with a broken toe and vicoden causes you to think  too much and sometimes get creative.


Hubby is on evening shift this week so instead of a birthday dinner Junior got a birthday lunch. While he was eating, he got to look at his birthday gift from Hubby and I. And we were mean enough not to let him open them until we had finished eating.


This was the look on Junior’s face when he opened his present from his dad and I.



Then he realized that the cereal box didn’t contain cereal instead it contained  . . .


another wrapped package. Which he opened to find  . . .


another cereal box. The cereal box he opened and found another wrapped package that was unwrapped to become a  . . .


taco shell box. This he opened to find another wrapped package which he unwrapped and was surprised.  Shocked. His jaw dropped.


This is something he has been wanting for months and months. He was hoping to get a Nintendo DSi for Christmas but Santa didn’t come through. He really didn’t seem to hold out much hope that he would get one for his birthday, especially because he knew I hadn’t been shopping so we had shock and awe.


Happy 7th birthday!


  1. Aw, how precious! I applaud your creativity (and slight sense of depravity to do that to the poor thing)!

    Wow, he got a DSi for his 7th birthday? I got a used DS for my 33rd. :) I love it!

    Happy birthday Junior!

  2. Hysterical - I love it! I'm sure the look on his face when he finally got to the bottom box was PRICELESS! Good job Mom!

  3. Oh my goodness!! What a great idea! How fun. He'll remember that for a LONG time!!

  4. LOL!!! Absolutely LOVE it! What a GREAT idea!

  5. LOL we do that too! Especially at Christmas. We've even wrapped bricks (as a prank)