Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes

It is Friday again and time for 7 Quick Takes. I love doing these. So let the fun begin!! To see more quick takes, visit Conversion Diary

1. Why am I posting my pregnancy stories? I vividly remember being pregnant and terrified that something awful would happen. In those times, God put someone in my path who had been in a similar situation and things had turned out ok. It is my hope and prayer that I might do the same for someone else.

2. After bedtime, Junior came into the living room visibly upset. He said he had pulled the whiskers off of Daisy's plaster/plastic/not-alive rabbit. He said he deserved a spanking. Looking at his face, I could tell he was punishing himself enough.

Instead I explained grace.

It is such a privilege to watch this little boy grow up and see him grow into a godly young man.

3. Daisy came in to tell us that Junior was complaining of a stomach ache and wouldn't stop crying and apologizing. She was worried about her brother who had just broken something special of hers.

I just have to say, my kids are awesome.

4. Daisy thinks maybe her tooth fairy died. I think maybe its the flu that is going through the tooth fairy town. (I am not sure if she still believes or is just playing along). So Tamara Tooth Fairy really needs to visit tonight.

If she doesn't forget again.

5. I am the new Scholastic coordinator for our homeschool group. This is something I am really excited about and am really going to enjoy.

I just wonder about those questionable books. There are some books that cause some contraversy (like the Golden Compass books) and I don't want to censor. I just wonder if someone orders a book that I have heard some debate on, if I should let the person ordering know.

There is a book out now called Conversations with God that is being pushed by Oprah and other things. Apparently this book is not Biblically based even though you might think it was. So if you ordered this for your teen, would you want me to call and let you know about the contraversy (not wanting to censor, just to let people know they may want to pre-read)? What do you think?

6. I am still working on the youth fair recipe posts. I will hopefully get them up sometime on friday.

7. I rented The Princess Bride and My Fair Lady for Daisy and me. Junior enjoyed Princess Bride even though he didn't want to. He hates My Fair Lady. Daisy is enjoying both of them although she thinks they sing too much in My Fair Lady. She also thought that about The King and I and any other musical we have watched.

Maybe it is because her mom is prone to breaking out in song for no apparent reason.

Her mom is also prone to making up songs like "I know something you don't know" sung to the tune of Camptown Races.


  1. "Instead I explained grace."

    What a beautiful teaching moment!

    Thanks for sharing your takes.

  2. We didn't have the tooth fairy visiting our house. We had the tooth elephant, the tooth fairy's distant and difficult to employ cousin. Typical of our family that we just can't leave a good fairy tale alone.It cracked the kids up though which is what I live for.

    P.S. found you through Conversion Diary.

  3. Awww... the tooth fairy - my little brother lost one of his teeth over Christmas, and we laughed - the tooth fairy did find him here in Texas (he lives in Ohio) - but when he came to tell us all about it...

    He told us that he'd gotten 4 cents... so my two older sisters and I lectured our Dad about inflation, and the fact that he really should be getting a dollar... because we all got at least 50 cents in our day!

    My Dad was dumbfounded - because he'd given him 4 quarters. So then we talked about the fact that it might be time to teach him the difference between a quarter and a penny. :-)

  4. I coordinate Scholastic books for our little group as well. I just said at the beginning of the year that, "You know, it's Scholastic - there are some great books in here and some not-so-great ones." I reminded them to use good judgment when making their selections and to do some quick research if it was an unfamiliar title.

    If one of my good friends was ordering something *I* consider to be questionable, I'd initiate a conversation - ask them what they've heard about the book, what they think, are they interested in hearing what I've heard about it, etc.

    For someone I don't know so well I might just ask at the beginning of the group if people want me to give my $0.02 when I have info on books they might want to know.

    I think you are wise not to censor. We are all in such different places in our spiritual journeys and what is truly offensive to one simply isn't at all to another.

    This isn't to mean there aren't some things that simply aren't appropriate period, but we do need to let the parents make those calls for their families.

    Hope it's a good program for you all. We've enjoyed using it too!

  5. ANYTHING promoted by Oprah is not only questionable, but almost always 100% non-Christian, heretical, and usually pushes new age spirituality. Avoid that book like the plague!

  6. #2 & #3 - Awww. It's always wonderful to see brother and sister showing concern and consideration for one another. :)

    #4 - LOL. Hope the Tooth Fairy makes it tonight (and is feeling better soon)!

    #7 - We let our son (7) stay up late on New Year's Eve to watch the Princess Bride. He loved it -- or at least all of the good guy/bad guy stuff and the sword fights. ;)