Monday, February 16, 2009

Metaphor Monday

Jenni over at One Thing has started Metaphor Monday, and since I actually have one (Yay me!) I thought I would play.

I am not a very patient person behind the wheel. I have been know to drive a fair distance out of my way to avoid waiting.

The other night I was coming home and my route was to go over train tracks. As I got close to the tracks, the bar came down and a train beat me to it. (I wasn't tempted to outrun the train. I am a giant chicken).

I mulled over the idea of going some other way, some detour so I wouldn't have to wait on the train. sigh Any effort of getting around the train would end up taking much longer than just waiting.

Then I got to thinking, how often do I do that with God.

How often do I get tired of waiting for Him to do something and want to take over. How often to I try to detour around His path for me and end up delaying something that I want/need/ask for.

Why is it so hard sometimes to "Be still and know He is God."


  1. Good analogy! I do that too--try to take charge of details that aren't my domain at all, but His--and of course, forcing my own way always makes a situation more difficult than it would have otherwise been. Maybe someday I'll learn this in some capacity other than hindsight. (Sigh.)

  2. Wow - I wonder how many times I do that too. I think that our society has become such an instant gratification society that we've gotten desensitized to being patient. I'm having trouble waiting on the Lord with this whole wanting a baby thing... it's really hard!