Thursday, February 12, 2009

She can see clearly now . . .

Just as a note, I probably shouldn't write posts while I have a headache. I now realize that I was rambling a bit on that last post.

Just be glad I didn't write one last night.

after taking 1/2 a vicodan

which is more than enough to make my head float.


I took Daisy to get some contacts today.

We actually tried to do it last year but I made the mistake of allowing hubby along who never thinks that too much information is a bad thing.

We were waiting for the Dr to come in when he says "You know Daisy, if the contact solution stings, we can mix up something that won't sting. When I first got contacts the solution hurt my eyes, but we were able to get something that wouldn't burn."

I was screaming telepathically "SHUT UP!!!" which by the way doesn't really work.

All Daisy heard was "It will feel like your eyeballs are on fire."

Needless to say, she didn't get contacts last year.

This year, I had her put some of my saline solution on her finger and put it in her eye a few times. Then I explained that sometimes you get a little scratch on your eye and it might sting for a few seconds, like a cut in the shower.

So when we went today she was a little nervous but not too badly.

They had her put in her right contact first and it only took 30-40 tries. Then the left contact took about 20 tries.

Then they said "Now we need to show you how to take them out." She found that aggravating, but it only took about 10 tries.

Then they told her to put it back in.

She nearly refused but it only took 2 or 3 tries to get it in.

She now loves them. She hated the lines around the glasses and no longer has that. She had a bit of trouble getting one of them out tonight (she couldn't tell if it was in or out), but was finally able to get it.

Junior found the whole process tortuous, informed me that he "can see just fine." Then said "I can't watch" when she was putting the contacts in. I really do prayerfully every day thank God that he doesn't have to wear glasses. I am pretty sure he would break a pair every month. or more often.

Then he was standing by the door and saw himself in the magnification mirror and said "Mommy, is my head on upside down?"

Which then led to a facination at the distortion done by the mirror.

Boys are just different.

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  1. Eyeballs on fire - who thought that would be a good thing to say to a kid?! Ouch!

    I'm cracking up over the thoughts of a little funny - and you're right - they are different.