Saturday, February 21, 2009

I messed up the feed

Ok, I am feeling a little uncomfortable about having to post this. I am just picturing people saying "but why on earth would anyone want to subscribe to her feed." But I know there are some others who have subscribed and they aren't getting the updates because I am a dork. (that dates me doesn't it).

I thought I would try using feed burner because I found it may have some features that I thought was cool.

Now I can't remember what they were, but I seem to be stuck with feedburner for now. Despite my computer geek tendencies, this is something that I don't understand.

What I didn't realize was that everyone who had subscribed to my blog would no longer get updates.

Ok, I don't know what I was thinking.

Clearly it was stupid.

And very aggravating.

So I am going to send this through the old feed (I hope) and then if you don't see an update in a couple of days, try going to my blog.

So if you have subscribed to my feed and it has been saying that I haven't updated in like 5 weeks (until today), that's why. Apparently that also applies to the blog roll things and such through blogger.

The only way I can figure out to fix the problem is if you re-subscribe to my feed. sigh I am sorry, if I could fix this on my own, I would.

I will put the settings back on feedburner tonight or tomorrow or Feedburner may fix itself again.



  1. Oh, I'm so glad you fixed whatever was wrong!! I wondered why I hadn't received any updates from your blog!! I'm all caught up now, though!! woo-hoo

  2. Hey, it popped up in my feed so you must have fixed it. :)

    I have a FeedBurner feed too, and didn't find it all that user-friendly, even though I generally do OK with Internet-related stuff. Guess that makes me a dork, too. ;)

  3. I don't get Sharon's now either and she's on feedburner right? What is that? I'm the techno-dork. I got your feed today though.

  4. Hi Christi,

    I don't get any of that stuff, because I generally DON'T do OK with anything computer related. Anyway, I did get today's (for the first time in ages) so there must have been something going wrong - I understand that much. So does that mean I do need to resubscribe, or is it fixed now.
    Signed the non-techno dork dork.

  5. I hope that you got it fixed, but I did notice that over the weekend - like 22 posts came through on my Google Reader. :-)

  6. So THATS what happened..I wondered about that! Either way, I'm glad you got it fixed. Oh, you might want to try Sitemeter (sitemeter dot com). It's MUCH more user-friendly than FeedBurner (which seems to be more geared toward true tech-geeks).