Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Because I need some funny

I need to giggle and I don't want my blog to have people running for their antidepressants.

So I thought I know, I will post one of my most embarrassing moments.

Sometimes God has a sense of humor and puts opposites together, for example I have never seen hubby embarrassed. I still blush easily.

Before we had kids, we had gone to the store to get some things. I had been on antibiotics for a sinus infections and had gotten one of those lovely followup infections.

I have to get a few things in the basket before I get that little box (which is way bigger than it needs to be) and put it, face down, under some of the other items.

So we then finish our shopping and go to check out.

Hubby is one of those math people that likes to keep a running total in their head and then giving what the total is before the checkout person. He used to be able to add the tax in his head too but now he just gives and estimate that is usually fairly accurate.

This time his estimate was off, by about $13. He puzzled over it and then he remembered the box.

"OH, it was your yeast infection medication! How much is yeast infection medication?"


Very loudly.

All I could do is hiss "Will you shut up!"

I lived.

He never did that again.


  1. LOL, what's more amazing is the fact that HE lived. ;) At least he learned, and even knows now to buy you chocolate for Valentine's Day (even if you are on a diet).

  2. Oh my - I would have wanted to crawl through the floor!!

    A friend of mine was telling me last night that yesterday she had a meeting with someone at her work. When she got back from the meeting she sent an email to her friend saying "I met with Don this morning - he's very spacey, isn't he?" -- only she didn't send it to her friend as she had thought - she sent it to HIM!! I would have died, if I were her...

  3. I'm glad YOU lived through it... but I'm not sure that I would have let HIM live through it! :-)