Monday, February 16, 2009

Whats your favorite letter?

Junior and I were going over the letters of the alphabet. On a whim I asked what was his favorite letter. I thought maybe "j" because its the first letter of his name or "s" because its a fun sound and looks like a snake.

"A" is what Junior picked. Ok, first letter of the alphabet, I can see that.

Except it is because "'a' makes everyone jump."


"On Leggo Batman and Leggo Starwars, 'a' makes them jump. 'B' make them get their light saber out. And fight."

On the Wii.


I don't know if any other letters have any value now.


  1. Ha ha ha! What a character. That sounds like something my son would say (whose current obsession is a Spiderman game for PS2). Too funny. :D

  2. Love that, I'll have to tell Trev and James about that one.

  3. Oh how funny! I'd bet that the people over at Wii wouldn't have seen that one coming either!